Managing Teachers. The centrality of teacher management to quality education. Lessons from developing countries.

Case Studies & Research
Centre for British Teachers, CfBT
Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO
70 p.

The report reveals that developing countries often have constrained budgets due to limited resources and in some cases tight fiscal management policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund. It urges governments and donors funding education in developing countries to prioritise teacher management. Ignoring this issue will lead to, poor living and working conditions for teachers and school leaders and ultimately children will be denied their right to a quality education. Under funding of teacher management systems to date has led to inadequate or absent administrative support, low teacher and head teacher motivation, and large gender and disability imbalances in teacher deployment. It stresses that governments and donors who support education in developing countries cannot ignore the effects of poor management on the education system. Although training can be expensive the cost to quality education, where teacher training is limited, is far greater. The authors say teaching and training can be improved by the introduction of management training for school leaders and prioritisation of teacher management.

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