IPPF framework for comprehensive sexuality education

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International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF
9 p.

This document focuses on comprehensive sexuality education that promotes and considers the sexual and reproductive rights of young people, especially those living with HIV. The report favours a framework of sexuality education that also deals with the needs of young people in order to promote an all-inclusive educational agenda. The document is based on consultations with IPPF staff, young people, external organizations and IPPF Member Associations. The proposed framework includes evidence from operational practice and thorough research and therefore makes strong recommendations on what principles should be shared in the context of comprehensive sexuality education. This document informs the development of new policies and curricula and creates opportunities for building new partnerships with external agencies working in this area. The report examines what constitutes a useful framework of comprehensive sexuality education, focusing particularly on: seven essential components including gender, sexual and reproductive health, sexual citizenship, pleasure, violence, diversity and relationships; basic principles of good practice. A contact list of relevant organizations and publications related to comprehensive sexuality education is included.

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