Accelerating the response of the education sector to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean region: the Port-of-Spain documents

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In June 2006 the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the government of Trinidad and Tobago hosted a high-level meeting of Ministers of Education and National AIDS Authorities from throughout the Caribbean Region, under the auspices of the CARICOM Council on Human and Social Development (COHSOD). This meeting in Port-of-Spain,Trinidad, was the 10th Special Meeting of COHSOD, and was entitled "Accelerating the Response of the Education Sector to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean". The major objectives of the special meeting were as follows: Promote education sectoral leadership in addressing issues of HIV and AIDS; Create a supportive policy and financial environment for the education sector response to HIV and AIDS at national and regional levels. In articulating a way forward for the education sector in the Caribbean Region, the meeting developed and endorsed two documents which were presented to the July 2007 meeting of CARICOM heads of government: 1. The Port-of-Spain Declaration, which signified the commitment of the CARICOM Ministers of Education and other participants in the COHSOD meeting to renewed efforts at accelerating the education sector response to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean 2. The Port-of-Spain Action Framework, which codified an emerging consensus among participants in the COHSOD meeting around a core set of actions to strengthen national HIV and AIDS responses by the education sector. The full texts of both these documents are presented here.

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