Breaking down silos between health and education to improve adolescent wellbeing

Case Studies & Research
p. 1-4
Periodical title
BMJ, 379:e067683 (2022)

The authors examine the mutual reinforcement of adolescent health and education, the challenges of intersectoral working, and the joint investment needed to secure wellbeing during adolescence, into adult life, and for the next generation. Key messages include: a) Adolescent wellbeing and educational attainment are mutually reinforcing, and every student must be supported to achieve their best outcomes for both during their time at school; b) There is a “triple dividend” from this approach: wellbeing as adolescents; wellbeing as they become adults; and, should they become parents, wellbeing for their children; c) Health professionals can be powerful partners to promote intersectoral activities in schools, and aligned investments in health and education; d) Meaningful participation of adolescents in these efforts is essential.

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