Draft monitoring and evaluation framework for a comprehensive HIV and AIDS response in the Caribbean education sector

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Caribbean countries are increasingly implementing comprehensive responses to the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the education sector, following the Port-of-Spain and Roseau Declarations in the mid-2000s and guided by frameworks such as Health-Promoting Schools, Child-Friendly Schools, and the EDUCAIDS model. The elements of a comprehensive response differ slightly depending on the model. The EDUCAIDS model, which is used in this framework, consists of five core component areas: Education sector policies around HIV and AIDS (anti-violence, workplace discrimination, etc.); Curricula and learning materials for HIV and AIDS; Pre- and in-service teacher training and support for HIV and AIDS; HIV and AIDS testing, care, and support services for educators and students; Approaches and entry points (life skills approach, peer education, Child-Friendly Schools, Health-Promoting Schools, etc.) A recent stakeholder survey in eight Caribbean countries revealed "a dire need to provide strategic information that will enable tracking of progress, with the specific aim of enhancing decisionmaking at all programme levels within the education sector." The monitoring and evaluation (M & E) process ensures accountability and oversight, while dissemination of its results "will serve to inform planning of HIV interventions, provide feedback on the resource requirements for a comprehensive education sector response to HIV and AIDS, and increase public commitment to reducing HIV and AIDS." Internationally, the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) has identified a similar need and is currently also developing an M & E framework for addressing HIV and AIDS in the education sector. Thus, there is clearly a need for developing an M & E framework for a comprehensive response of the education sector to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean. This framework will build on the IATT effort and customize a framework for the Caribbean region.

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