Education sector policy on school health, nutrition and HIV and AIDS

Policies & Strategies
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In line with the Revised National Policy Document on HIV and AIDS in Guyana (2006) the Ministry of Education (MOE) seeks to play its part in the multisectoral response that is needed if the epidemic is to be overcome. The policy also seeks to contribute to a stronger presence of the education sector in the Government of Guyana's multi-sectoral response to HIV and AIDS, as outlined in the Guyana National HIV and AIDS Strategy 2007-2011. The Ministry of Education has taken the decision to position HIV Prevention within the context of an holistic programme of school health and nutrition activities and sees the education sector as having a vital role to play in the country's response to the epidemic. The priority placed on the education sector's response is based on evidence that education contributes towards the knowledge and personal skills essential for the prevention of HIV and other STIs, and protects individuals, families, communities, institutions and nations from the impact of AIDS.

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