Health and Family Life Education. Teacher Training Manual

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education of Jamaica
291 p.

This manual supports the implementation of the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) curriculum to be implemented in schools across the island. In order to be able to teach a new curriculum using the non-traditional teaching methodology and strategies of the Life Skills approach, those involved in delivering this new curriculum need to participate in effective training and development activities that result in building their sensitivities, knowledge, skills and capabilities to create a learning environment that facilitates students' learning in an enjoyable manner. The HFLE Staff Training Programme was designed in order to adequately prepare teachers to deliver the HFLE curriculum to grades 1 to 9 in Jamaican schools. In order for teachers to be able to do this they will be taken through a process of instruction that seeks to develop their abilities to deliver instruction in the HFLE curriculum using the Life Skills approach.

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