Health and Family Life Education. Teacher Training Manual and Resource Handbook

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education
Global Fund
291 p. (Teacher Training Manual) + 275 p. (Resource Handbook)

These materials have been developed in order to support the implementation of the revised Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) curriculum to be implemented in schools across Jamaica. Both documents are prepared to lead a staff training programme designed in order to adequately prepare teachers to deliver the HFLE curriculum to grades 1 to 9 in Jamaican schools. It aims to provide opportunities for training participants to explore the nature and benefits of incorporating the HFLE curriculum in schools, and participate in planning, implementing and assessing HFLE lessons using the Life Skills participatory methodologies, thus building their knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes so that they can become effective HFLE teachers in Jamaican schools. These training documents would help teachers to be able to: - interpret the four HFLE themes (Self and Interpersonal Relations, Sexuality and Sexual Health, Eating and Fitness, and Managing the Environment) against the background of the CARICOM Regional Framework; - experience greater psychological comfort with their own emotions, values sexuality, social and interpersonal relations and coping mechanisms; - engage in individual and group processing evaluation; - participate in HFLE lesson planning processes utilizing the Life Skills-based interactive teaching methodologies; - deliver selected components of the HFLE curriculum using the Life Skills-based approaches; - design alternative assessment procedures to be applied to teaching the HFLE curriculum.

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