The hidden impact of COVID-19 on children’s health and nutrition

Case Studies & Research
Save the Children International
40 p.

Save the Children launched a global research study to generate rigorous evidence on how the COVID-19 pandemic and measures implemented to mitigate it are impacting children’s health, nutrition, learning, wellbeing, protection, family finances and poverty, and to identify children’s and their families’ needs during these times. The research also captures children’s views and messages for leaders and other children. COVID-19 has impacted children across the world in multiple, interrelated ways. While COVID-19 itself primarily affects the health of older, adult populations, the pandemic more broadly – as this report shows – has had significant consequences for children. These include household and community access to health services and supplies, access to adequate nutrition, breastfeeding behaviours and perceptions and access to wider support services including counselling and rehabilitation. The outcomes for children, and the results of this survey, often differ based on disability within the household and poverty levels.

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