From insult to inclusion: Asia-Pacific report on school bullying, violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity

Case Studies & Research
UNESCO Office Bangkok
95 p. + 2 p.

Within the UN system, UNESCO has been examining SOGIE-based bullying, violence and discrimination in education globally since 2011. This report aims to clarify the situation, the response, and the need for further action in the Asia-Pacific region to ensure inclusive school environments for all learners. Specifically, it aims to: Build understanding of manifestations, scale and impact of individual and institutional SOGIE-based discrimination and violence in Asia-Pacific educational institutions and identify evidence gaps; Document how governments, the education sector, and other partners, are addressing the issue and emerging good practice; and Provide recommendations on how to assess, prevent and scale up the education sector response in the Asia-Pacific region. The primary audience for this report is education
policy-makers and other stakeholders responsible for child protection and human rights protections in Asia-Pacific. This includes, most importantly, ministries of education, but also ministries responsible for child welfare and development, health, and youth, as well as national human rights institutions. This includes both those working at the central level, as well as those at sub-national levels.

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