LGBTQI inclusive education study

Case Studies & Research
50 p.

IGLYO created an online survey that was translated into 15 different languages, with over 17.000 participants (aged between 13 and 24) completing the questionnaire. Complementary to the survey, IGLYO conducted 20 interviews to further explore the topic of inclusive education. This report outlines selected key findings from both the survey and the interviews. The main intention of this document is to raise awareness of the experiences of LGBTQI learners in European countries among policymakers, legislators, educators, and human rights advocates. This data should help regional, national and local civil society organisations in their advocacy work for creating a more inclusive education system. It provides them with much needed evidence of the situation across Europe to assess the impact of national policy framework on inclusive education and to explore the best ways to improve the situation for LGBTQI learners.

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