Our whole lives: sexuality education for grades 4-6

Learning & Teaching Materials
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
105 p.

This curriculum focuses on equipping children with age-appropriate information that promotes basic values of sexual health. It is based on the guidelines of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). The curriculum is divided into 52 one-hour sessions distributed over five grades and is designed for in-school use either by a teacher or an outside educator. The overall goal is to help adolescents to affirm and respect themselves as sexual persons and respect the sexuality of others; to become more comfortable and skilled in discussing and negotiating sexuality issues with peers or partners; to explore, develop and articulate values, attitudes and feelings about their own sexuality and the sexuality of others; to identify and live according to their values; to increase motivation and skills for developing a sexual morality that rejects double standards, stereotypes, biases, exploitation, dishonesty and abuse. This curriculum is designed to be relevant to young people from a wide range of family backgrounds and religious traditions. The purpose of the curriculum is to create a positive and comprehensive lifespan educational programme that helps participants to gain the knowledge, values and skills to lead sexually healthy and responsible lives, and to strengthen the parents' role as their children's most important educators. The material covers a broad range of topics in age-appropriate language such as: health and safety, love and family, puberty and growing up, sex and gender, communication and decision-making. They are divided into chapters each corresponding to a one-hour session. Over the different years of the programmes the following themes are covered: building healthy sexual relationships; sexually transmitted infections; sexual orientation and gender identity; attitudes and feelings about sexuality. Each manual contains a list of handouts, a list of leader resources, a list of required materials and resources, parent orientation sessions, an opening session and a closing session. This manual is user-friendly and contains learning activities and illustrations.

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