Peer education training manual. For the training of peer educators and peer education advisers in secondary schools

Learning & Teaching Materials
Waigani, NCD
Department of Education
139 p.

Peer education is a powerful strategy to promote positive behaviour change and improve the life skills of young people. This peer education program builds upon the concepts and life skills first introduced in the Upper Primary Personal Development syllabus. It reinforces and deepens the learning outcomes in Lower Secondary Personal Development. This peer education program aims to: reduce students’ risk-taking behaviour and improve positive behaviour; provide students with facts about sexual and reproductive health, STIs and HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol, and gender issues; equip students with the values and life skills to make well-informed and healthy choices
about their behaviour; to improve the decision–making and negotiating skills of students so that they may be able to deal with issues such as negative peer pressure and early sexual debut, and; improve the communication skills of students so that they may be able to interact positively in different situations.

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