Sexuality Education: Our Current Status, and an Agenda for 2010

Case Studies & Research
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Family Planning Perspectives, 32 (5)

This article presents three articles in this issue of Family Planning Perspectives. They are on changing foci within secondary school sexuality education (Changing Emphases), sexuality education for Grades 5-6 (Grades 5-6) and adolescents perceptions of reproductive health education (Adolescent Views). "Changing Emphases" discusses teachers' perceptions of a marked change from balanced treatment of abstinence and safer sexual practices in 1988 to a greater emphasis on abstinence (and abstinence only) in 1999. "Adolescent Views" reports that there have been great shifts in prevalence and content of school-based reproductive health education in the U.S. between 1988 and 1995 with programs becoming almost universal, but with an increasing focus on HIV and AIDS at the expensive of topics like contraception, saying no to sex and using condoms. "Grades 5-6" reports that sexuality education at this leveláis notávery common. Existing programs tend to cover puberty, HIV and AIDS, STIs, sexual abuse and abstinence, but not contraception.

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