Strengthening the adolescent component of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health programmes: a training course for public health managers

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This five-day training course on strengthening the adolescent component of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health programmes has been developed for public health managers. The course materials have been applied and further developed in courses throughout the world. They help public health managers to become familiar with the special health and development needs of young people, and to take those needs into consideration when planning interventions that aim to improve the reproductive health status of and reduce the prevalence of HIV infection among individuals from 10 to 24 years of age. A key assumption behind this course is that public health managers often have experience in designing and implementing HIV and reproductive health programmes but lack the understanding of what needs to be done differently to reach and serve young people. This course therefore presents the key concepts and approaches needed by a public health manager in order to plan HIV and reproductive health interventions and programmes that effectively address the needs of young people.

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