Education and Sports sector national policy guidelines on HIV and AIDS

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education and Sports
Irish AID
44 p.

This policy and guidelines document on HIV/AIDS is a response to a Government of Uganda (GOU) initiative which requires that each sector should develop a sector specific policy that is consistent with and responds to the National Overarching Policy on HIV/AIDS and the National Strategic Plan.This document has two components: policy and guidelines. The policy section outlines an approach to HIV/AIDS in the education and sports sector, the institutions and stakeholders which the policy targets and the principles which underlie the policy. The policy addresses issues of HIV/AIDS among learners and students as well as teachers, educators, education and sports managers and other sector employees and their families. The guidelines section provides specific roles and responsibilities for various stakeholders in the Ministry of Education and Sports, different sub sectors as well as other government and non-government agencies at different levels.

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