Estimates of the Impact of HIV and teacher ART take-up on the Education Sector and the achievement of EFA in Kenya

Case Studies & Research
Kenya. Teachers Service Commission
22 p.

An analysis was carried out to indirectly estimate the imapct of HIV on the education sector in Kenyan provinces using the Ed-SIDA model which uses teacher demographic information and combines this with epidemiological projections to determine the number of teachers who are living with HIV, their AIDS absenteeism and associated mortality. The main results were that HIV prevalence among Kenyan teachers can be expected to be high, 15%, due to teachers belonging to vulnerable age groups. AIDS mortality is currently estimated to equal around 2% of all teachers, and at any one time, 1.5% of teachers are estimated to be off sick due to AIDS illnesses. The numbers of orphans are expected to increase in Kenya. Economically, investing in VCT and ART provision in Kenya is cost-saving.

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