Ethnography of Male to Male Sexuality in Cambodia

Case Studies & Research
Phnom Penh
UNESCO Office Phnom Penh
84 p.

The Ethnography Study of Male to Male Sexuality in Cambodia was done taking a life history approach of the interviewees in order to understand their ideas and concepts in terms of homosexual relationships and the contexts in which they occur in Cambodia. This study provides information to programmers of interventions that will help shape directions for future research and improve the quality of HIV prevention and care projects for MSM in Cambodia. The report is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the way in which Khmers differentiate the sexes as well as the means established by society to regulate sexuality. Chapter 2 looks at the way in which Khmers define sexual identity and the correlation between this identify and sexual behaviour, and the goes on to analyze the life profile of the interviewees. Chapter 3 studies the effects of changes instituted by Khmer Rouge regime on sex life during that time. The last chapter documents the life stories of the person whom the author interviewed.

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