Illustrative learning programme. An integrated approach: Grade 7. HIV/AIDS

Learning & Teaching Materials
Gauteng Institute for Curriculum Development
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This module of the illustrative learning programme is for grade seven teachers and students, with the aim of providing factual information to both parties so that they can make correct choices in protecting their health and those of others. It is intended to give learners a clear understanding of the physiology and process of human reproduction. The module has two components, to be used in conjuction with each other: a) the learner's material, which consists of workbooks, where all written work can be done. b) The teacher's guide, which is meant to help facilitate the students activities. The module is divided into five units, each of which focuses on an essential aspect of HIV/AIDS education. Unit 1) Creating a climate of trust; Unit 2) Discovering and knowing the facts; Unit 3) Understanding the enormity of the problem; Unit 4) Taking care of oneself and others, including those who are sick; Unit 5) Sending out positive and encouraging messages.

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