Life planning skills: a curriculum for young people in Africa. Botswana version. Facilitator's manual

Learning & Teaching Materials
Washington, D.C.
Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, PATH
364 p.

The document is designed to help youth (age 10-24) in Botswana face the challenges of growing up, to help them make decisions about their sexual health, and to prepare for work in the future. It focuses on three important issues young people face: 1) recognizing the importance of adhering to values, 2) learning more about their body's functions and dealing with sexual and reproductive changes, feelings and behaviors and 3) thinking about and planning for their future. The curriculum aims to help them find out who they are now (learn more about themselves), where they are heading, who they hope to become, and how to get where they want to be (identify what they want to happen in their life). It also provides information to strengthen their knowledge and skills in three areas: sexuality, planning a family and communication. The curriculum is made up of three sections to make it easier to use in the field: Section 1: Who Am I? ; Section 2: Where Am I Going? ; Section 3: How Am I Going to Get There?. Each section contains the following elements: Units; Activities; Purposes/Objectives; Time Required; Materials Needed; Procedure: Steps to Follow (within each activity); Key Points; and Linking Sentences/Concluding Notes. Many of the activities can be adapted for use with participants who have little experience reading and writing. The document is prepared for facilitators so they can use to help young people 1) gain information about themselves and their sexuality, including how to prevent pregnancy and avoid STIs and AIDS, and to learn more about preparing for the world of work; 2) better understand their feelings about growing or gender role for e.g. and 3) practice making decisions, settings goals, communicating clearly, negotiating for their own health, and not giving into negative peer pressure.

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