PIASCY: helping pupils to stay safe (P5-P7), a handbook for teachers

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education and Sports
180 p., illus.

The Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth (PIASCY) is a strategy introduced by the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda, aimed at helping teachers to provide accurate information to young people, who are at great risk. It was initiated to encourage openness amongst teachers and students and to equip youngsters to confront HIV and AIDS through sex education. The objectives of PIASCY are as follows: to increase and sustain HIV and AIDS education for in-school youth; and to increase the capacity of parents and teachers to engage in constructive deliberations with young people on HIV and AIDS. It consists of the following ten chapters: 1) Helping pupils to choose to abstain; 2) Ethics, morals and cultural values; 3) Teaching reproductive health and HIV; 4) Understanding HIV and AIDS in Uganda; 5) Gender, children's rights and responsibilities; 6) Reproductive Health; 7) STIs, HIV and AIDS; 8) Life skills; 9) Guidance and counseling; 10) Messages for assemblies, clubs and classes. Classroom activities are included within each chapter.

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