Regional situation analysis of accelerating the education sector response to HIV and AIDS in the EAC partner states

Case Studies & Research
EAC Secretariat
139 p.

This regional situation analysis focuses on the responses to HIV of the education sector within the East African Community region, which covers five partner states - Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania (comprising Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar). The purpose of the situation analysis is to inform implementation and resource (both technical and financial) mobilisation of the education sector component of the five-year EAC HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2008-2012, leading to the development of actionable plans at the sub-regional level for the improvement of educational outcomes of the partner states. The objectives are to: Assess the impact that HIV is having on education, in terms of teacher illness and death, and orphans and vulnerable children, with associated costs both of impact and impact prevention by ART, and also assess the extent to which education responses to HIV and AIDS in the EAC sub-region have adopted the wider SHN approach for improving health and education outcomes; and contribute to sub-regional information as a database on the HIV and AIDS-related situation relevant to the education sector. The aims are to: Facilitate sharing of innovations and best practices within and across countries; inform planning, for the development and implementation of actionable plans in the sub-regional level for the improvement of the educational outcomes; form a basis for the harmonisation of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks; implementation modalities; HIV-related education policies; institutional frameworks and common research needs; and give impetus to resource mobilisation to expand on the response to HIV and AIDS.

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