Setting research priorities for adolescent sexual and reproductive health in low-and middle-income countries

Case Studies & Research
9 p.
Periodical title
Bulletin of the World Health Organization

This is a research article on a study that conducted a process for identifying priorities in adolescent sexual and repoductive health in low- and middle- income countries. The authors obtained input from nearly 300 researchers on three tasks: to (1) rank outcome areas in order of importance; (ii) formulate research questions within each area, and (iii) rank the formulated questions. The outcome of the study was that 7 areas of adolescent sexual and reproductive health were identified as important: (i) maternal health; (ii) contraception; (iii) gender-based violence; (iv) treatment and care of patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection; (v) abortion; (vi) integration of family planning and HIV-related services and (vii) sexually transmitted infections.

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