Skills-based HIV and AIDS/STD prevention in schools in Vietnam

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education and Training
20 p., tabs.

This project was the main component of the UNICEF-assisted HIV and AIDS prevention project of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) that began in 1997. It trained teachers in skills-based health education (also called 'life skills') for HIV and AIDS and other STD prevention, and supported them to implement the new approach in the classroom. Skills-based HIV and AIDS/STD related lessons were developed for grades 1-12 and integrated into the existing curriculum. New teachers' guidebooks and student worksheets were developed by those trained. The primary goal of this project is to work with schools in order to equip young people with the information and skills required for promoting healthy behaviour and avoiding risky situations, especially related to HIV and AIDS. The major focus is on student knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviour; with the anticipation of a similar impact on teaching staff. The project consists of five phases with the following specific outcomes: 1) Preparation; 2) Training of master trainers; 3) Design of workshops for training of teachers; 4) Training of teachers & implementation; and 5) Expansion and support.

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