University of the Free State HIV and AIDS policy: As approved by the UFS Council on 11 March 2005

Policies & Strategies
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The UFS is committed to addressing HIV and AIDS in a positive, supportive and non-discriminatory approach by providing resources and leadership to implement HIV and AIDS University-based, as well as community outreach programmes.GOAL AND OBJECTIVES OF THE POLICYGOAL: To assist the UFS in responding to challenges posed in relation to HIV and AIDS.OBJECTIVES:a) Protect individual rights of confidentiality and freedom from discrimination.b) Promote (i) a sustained programme that provides counselling and support and (ii) the provision of current accurate information to the UFS community and to the outside community.c) Promote behaviours that reduce or minimise the risk of acquiring HIV infection and generally create a safe environment.d) Provide leadership in teaching, research and community service on HIV and AIDS and its impact.e) Provide leadership in promoting the human rights based approach to HIV and AIDS, and thereby also breaking down the stigma attached to the illness.

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