University of Port Elizabeth Policy on HIV/AIDS

Policies & Strategies
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The university recognizes that HIV/AIDS is a global concern and that South Africa as well as the rest of Southern Africa is experiencing an HIV/AIDS pandemic. Furthermore the University recognizes that HIV/AIDS is not merely a health issue but is a developmental challenge which concerns the entire University community as well as it's contextual society. The university as an institution is committed to playing a leadership role in addressing HIV/AIDS in order to mitigate the impact thereof, on an interinstitutional, intrainstitutional and extra institutional level. The university is committed to an internal policy, which is guided by the ""Code of Good practice on Key Aspects of HIV and AIDS and Employment"" and further advocates a comprehensive institutional response. The University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) is committed to providing staff and students with an opportunity to pursue excellence and satisfaction in their academic and occupational endeavours and is fully committed to promoting the constitutional rights of every person on campus The university will strive to achieve this by promoting the integration and infusion of HIV/AIDS into it's core functions of teaching, research and community engagement congruent with the mission statement of the institution. In this regard UPE will not allow discrimination against students or staff members who are, or are perceived to be, HIV positive or who have AIDS. Similarly, the university further commits itself to the implementation of universal precautions in the workplace and residences to prevent occupational seroconversion

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