The University of Zululand policy on HIV and AIDS (draft of a reviewed policy)

Policies & Strategies
University of Zululand
16 p.

The purpose of the document is to provide guidelines to the University with regard to the institution's response to HIV and AIDS with specific reference to its ability to continue functioning thereby preventing HIV and AIDS from undermining its potential to operate and deliver mandated services. The objectives of the policy are: through the provision of education and information, to reduce the transmission of HIV; to seek to maintain a safe environment which empowers both men and women to resist coercive sex; to raise the level of understanding of HIV and AIDS throughout the University; to identify and disseminate the available resources to be used in the fight against HIV and AIDS; to equip students and staff to be able to live and work in societies with increasing rates of HIV infection and AIDS; to provide HIV and AIDS counseling; to create an environment where people living with HIV and AIDS are safe to reveal their status and seek appropriate support and counseling; to facilitate access to care and treatment where appropriate, and to referral where appropriate, for those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

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