Unmet needs for comprehensive sexuality education: a qualitative study among secondary school students in Western Kenya

Case Studies & Research
p. 1-16
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American Journal of Sexuality Education (2023)

The aim of this qualitative study was to explore desired ways to deliver comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and topics, among secondary school students in a low-resource setting in Western Kenya. One school (n¼440) has received 8–9-h CSE intervention, while the other school (n¼496) served as a control. After one-year follow-up the students were asked (one open-ended question) to suggest desired topics of CSE, with a response rate of 93% (n¼867). The following topics were suggested by the students: abortion, contraception, sexual rights, abstinence and STI/HIV, and preferred CSE delivery means were school-based teaching, online resources and social media, community-based elements or trusted individuals. The students who had not received the intervention were more in favor of an abstinence-only approach and demonstrated more negative attitudes toward abortion.

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