Young people, health, HIV, AIDS and development: a case for Uganda

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23 p.

The paper outlines a background to the current social, health, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV and AIDS status of young people, and the magnitude and impacts of the AIDS epidemic with specific focus on young people's vulnerability to HIV infection. It provides an overview of Uganda response to HIV and AIDS highlighting policy interventions, strategies, approaches and the contributions of young people in the response. Challenges and emerging issues and opportunities for scaling up the response are briefly explored. While this paper is primarily intended to provide input into the 6th Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) in Uganda November 2007, it does not attempt to synthesize such issues as they pertain in the various Commonwealth countries. Rather, it provides insights into contexts, status, challenges and opportunities that obtain in Uganda as a case study. This should provoke discussion on appropriate strategies and approaches to achieve health rights for young people and to address obstacles to implementation of social and health programs, particularly SRH and HIV/AIDS programmes, even in Uganda.

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