Building on our strengths: Canadian standards for school-based youth substance abuse prevention

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Consolider nos forces : normes canadiennes de prévention de l’abus de substances en milieu scolaire

The Canadian Standards for School-based Youth Substance Abuse Prevention are part of A Drug Prevention Strategy for Canada’s Youth, a five-year Strategy launched by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) in 2007 aimed at reducing drug use among Canadian youth aged 10–24. The School-based Standards are one of several sets of standards being developed with the aim of strengthening the quality of youth-focused substance abuse prevention programs in Canada. Alongside other sectors of the community, schools share an opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the prevention of substance abuse among youth. The Standards have been prepared to support the prevention efforts of all those considering or currently engaged in schoolbased prevention work. They are addressed particularly to prevention resource persons in their capacity as members or resources for school teams.

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