Estimating the impact of HIV and AIDS on the supply of basic education

Case Studies & Research
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Teachers have different characteristics to the general population which means they have a different susceptibility to HIV infection, according to gender, socio-economic characteristics, and age. The main objectives of the project are to examine the systemic impact of HIV on the supply of education in countries with generalised epidemics in three continents. What are the quantitative effects on teachers? What are the cost implications of HIV on the achievement of Education For All?In the era of Anti-Retroviral therapy, what impact would the immediate provision of universal therapy have? The main findings are that in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is cost effective to implement universal testing and treatment of teachers. In the Caribbean, the savings to the education sector generated by universal treatment would pay for all necessary drugs. The additional teacher recruitment required to achieve EFA in SSA can be reduced to very low levels through universal access to VCT & ART.

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