The HIV and AIDS academic curriculum in higher education

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18 p.
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South African Journal of Higher Education, 28 (2), pp.368-385

While a university's core business of teaching, research and engagement is underpinned by national and global imperatives, the purpose of the university is embedded in students' realities of living, learning and working in the world. A key challenge for all academics, therefore, is to keep their academic project, whether in engineering or health sciences, 'embedded in the students', while at the same time, preparing them for work in the world. The purpose of this article is to argue that the university academic curriculum should be harnessed more vigorously to address HIV and AIDS - a reality impacting the student corps. The article, therefore, seeks to persuade, but also to ensure, that the work of higher education institutions (HEIs) remains 'embedded in its students', and that the curriculum is responsive and engaged, and contributes to the public good of South African society as a whole.

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