HIV infection and schooling experiences of adolescents in Uganda

Case Studies & Research
17 p.

This chapter, from the publication " Social and psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS and their ramifications" responds to the need for relevant evidence by exploring the experiences of HIV-positive adolescent boys and girls in primary and secondary schools in Uganda from the perspectives of school officials and teachers, the general student body, as well as adolescents perinatally infected with HIV. It specifically focuses on: (1) school attendance and experiences with class repetition; (2) experiences of stigma and discrimination within the school environment; and (3) availability of school-based health and psychosocial support programs and services for HIV-positive students. It ends with a discussion of the implications of these experiences for addressing the needs of in-school HIV-positive young people by the education sector not only in Uganda but in SSA countries affected by the pandemic.

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