Operational guidelines on School Health Programme under Ayushman Bharat: Health and Wellness Ambassadors partnering to build a stronger future

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The School Health Programme under AYUSHMAN BHARAT is a joint collaborative programme between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Human Resource & Development. This initiative is targeting both Education and Health implementers and is envisaged to facilitate an integrated approach to health programming and more effective learning at the school level. Two teachers in every school will be declared as “Health and Wellness Ambassadors” preferably one male and one female and who will transact weekly health promotion and disease prevention information in the form of interactive activities. These activities will combine health education, health promotion, disease prevention, and improve access to health services in an integrated, systemic manner at the school level. There will be increased focus on emerging social morbidities like injuries, violence, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, psychological and emotional disorders. These ‘Operational Guidelines’ have been prepared to serve as a handbook and a resource for
Program Managers for effective planning and implementation.

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