Reducing Adolescent Sexual Risk: A Theoretical Guide for Developing and Adapting Curriculum-Based Programs

Toolkits & Guides
Scotts Valley, CA
ETR Associates
160 p.

Reducing Adolescent Sexual Risk helps to design, adapt and select curriculum-based programs to effectively address critical factors that affect adolescents' sexual decision making. Reducing Adolescent Sexual Risk offers a research-based, step-by-step guide to understanding 7 "sexual psychosocial" factors that affect sexual behavior. These factors might include knowledge about sexual issues, pregnancy, HIV, and STD; perceptions of risk; personal values, attitudes and beliefs about abstaining from sex and using condoms and contraception; perception of peer norms and behavior around sex, condoms and contraception; self-efficacy and skills to refuse undesired sex or to use condoms and contraception; Intention to abstain, restrict sexual activity or use condoms and contraception; communication with parents about sex, condoms and contraception.

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