School health policy

Policies & Strategies
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In September 2019, the Inter-ministerial meeting on School Health commissioned the development of a National School Health Policy, Strategy & Monitoring & Evaluation Framework. These national instruments would be informed by a current situational analysis of School Health in Sierra Leone. This document focuses on the Policy. The WHO outlines six pillars or focus areas that should be included in a school health policy. These include: 1) Healthy school policies (leadership, institutional capacity); 2) Physical school environment (playgrounds, WASH); 3) Social school environment (anti-bullying, equity); 4) Health skills and education (life skills, comprehensive sexuality education, [CSE]); 5) Links with parents & communities, community ownership; and 6) Access to health services (school-based health centres or partnerships with PHUs). Each of these pillars is included in the Sierra Leone National School Health Policy and serve as the organizational structure of the policy.

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