Situational analysis on SRH/HIV integration in Zambia

Case Studies & Research
Youth Vision Zambia
34 p.

To contribute to the achievement of RH and HIV integration, SAfAIDS and Youth Vision Zambia in partnership with Population Action International commissioned a 15 days rapid situation analysis to establish the current national baseline of existing national policies, HIV and RH integration programmes and opportunities for advocacy for increased integration. The baseline would serve as a basis on which to begin the implementation of the Integration Partnership in Zambia whose aim is to increase country demand for RH and HIV integration-including provision of RH supplies and advocate for increased resources dedicated to RH and HIV integration. This is the report of the rapid situational analysis which took place in June 2011. The report is divided into two sections. This introduction section which is followed by section two in which the findings of the study are summarized in a table format as per the requirements of SAfAIDS and Youth Vision Zambia.

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