Uganda: potential cost of a national school eye health program

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Addis Ababa
4 p.
Periodical title
UNESCO IICBA knowledge brief, 38

This brief provides tentative estimates for the cost of a national school eye health program in Uganda based on unit cost estimates in Uganda and other countries. Depending on the assumptions for the estimation, the overall cost of a national program could range from US$6.2 million to US$22.5 million over a few years, with lower costs when teacher training for school eye health is embedded in other training programs and only public schools are targeted. The program could target first districts with a higher prevalence of visual impairment among children as estimated with census data. After the initial implementation, a few years later the program would need to be implemented again, although costs could be lower building on the training and awareness raised in the first wave of implementation.

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