The way we care: a guide for managers of programs serving vulnerable children and youth

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Family Health International
160 p.

The Way We Care was written by FHI staff for all readers, including those for whom English is a second language. The manual aims to improve the knowledge and skills of people who implement or support services for vulnerable children, youth, and families affected by disease, poverty, and trauma. It outlines child-focused, family centered activities; promotes the integration of care, prevention, and treatment; and offers practical information on program design and project management. It can be used as a personal guide, a resource for collaborative learning, or a source of handouts for workshops or courses on performance management or capacity building. For easy reference, the manual is divided into four parts: 1. Foundations: Cross-cutting concepts; a child-development primer; a guide to child-participation and psychosocial support; key background information. 2. Planning: Service delivery issues; strategic planning; basic project management. 3. Implementation: Community mobilization; monitoring and evaluation; care management; quality improvement. 4. Sustainability: Resource development; community ownership; volunteer and staff recruitment, supervision, and retention.

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