Get organized: a guide to preventing teen pregnancy

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Washington, D.C.
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

A three-volume set of publications serves as a practical manual, a toolkit for people at the state and local levels who are interested in taking action to prevent teen pregnancies in their communities. Volume I: Focusing on the Kids gives an overview of the programmes that can help prevent teen pregnancy, how to tailor programmes to stages of adolescent development, create interventions for girls, involve boys and young men in prevention efforts, and involve young people themselves in developing and implementing programmes. Volume II: Involving the Key Players focuses on the roles of traditional participants in prevention efforts, like schools and health care professionals, as well as some often overlooked players including faith leaders, the business community and parents. Volume III: Making It Happen concentrates on the logistics of developing a state or local coalition - or any major efforts - to prevent teen pregnancy, including involving the community, assessing the needs of the community, planning fundraising, working with the media, evaluating initiatives and dealing with conflict.

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