Lesotho. Ministry of Education and Training

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2011

Lesotho Education Sector HIV and AIDS Policy

The overarching goal of this Policy is in accordance with the Lesotho National HIV and AIDS Policy of 2006 and is intended to mobilize the participation of every stakeholder in the sector in an inclusive, comprehensive response.

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2018

Lesotho school health and nutrition policy

The key objective of the School Health and Nutrition Policy is to guide, protect, and promote healthy measures for all learners in schools. The policy will address these key areas;

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2005

School Health Policy of Lesotho

The School Health Policy of Lesotho seeks to establish and promote policies for the development and management of vital services within the school setting for both learners and employees.

Learning & Teaching Materials
Learning & Teaching Materials | 2004

Junior certificate history syllabus

This history syllabus is designed for junior schools in Lesotho and is made for three forms (A, B and C) corresponding to the grades of junior school. Forms A and B do not mention HIV and AIDS.

Learning & Teaching Materials
Learning & Teaching Materials | 1999

Primary syllabus: standards 6, 7: higher primary

The primary syllabus outlines the curriculum aims, timetable/allocation for each subject, suggested activities, concepts/skills/attitudes, learning outcomes and the resources available.