School feeding : manual for SABER-SF exercise

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Washington, D.C.
World Bank Group
106 p.

SABER–School Feeding (SABER-SF) is a useful approach to assessing the school feeding policy situation and systems in any country to identify the gaps and plan appropriate capacity development plans and/or road maps with the government and other stakeholders. It helps countries strengthen their national school feeding programs and/or transition to national school feeding programs with solid policies and systems when applicable, and assess progress of implementing each indicator. This manual aims to assist users (government institutions, PCD, World Bank, WFP, and other stakeholders) to understand, plan, and implement the SABER-SF exercise at the country level. It builds upon the experiences from national SABER-SF workshops held during 2014. The SABER-SF exercise should be as inclusive as possible to ensure broad ownership and support for its implementation. SABER consists of a structured questionnaire whose responses are determined based on consultation with representatives from relevant stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement and consensus building are integral parts of the SABER process as described in this manual. The manual contains a brief explanation of SABER-SF in section two, followed by a discussion in section three of the preparation of the SABER-SF exercise and data collection procedures. Section four explains the methodology and planning process for a SABER-SF workshop, completion of the questionnaire (and the rationale behind each question or set of questions), and how to use each of the SABER-SF tools including the Framework Rubrics and the Scoring Rubrics. Section five covers the process of publicizing the SABER-SF report, and section six talks about planning for next steps after the SABER-SF exercise. Section 7 provides a timeline for implementing the SABER-SF exercise and quality assurance measures. The manual also includes an annex with the SABER-SF questionnaire and the Framework Rubrics. The annex also details ways to contact the SABER team at the World Bank for any questions or comments in addition to a list of additional resources.

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