Welcoming Schools 2021 annual report

Programme Reports & Evaluations

Using an intersectional, anti-racist lens, Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program is dedicated to providing actionable policies and practices for educators. Ensuring school communities have access to the critical tools necessary to embrace family diversity, prevent bias-based bullying and support transgender and non-binary students is the primary goal of the program. Welcoming Schools is committed to meeting the increasing demand for resources to support LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive schools. The inaugural Welcoming Schools Annual Report celebrates marked growth and expanded equitable access to virtual PreK-12 training opportunities for educators across the country and internationally. In 2021, Welcoming Schools trained over 16,000 educators in 37 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Taiwan impacting over 3.9 million students. Over the past year, in response to the urgent needs of LGBTQ+ youth in middle and high schools, the Welcoming Schools program developed additional professional development and resources for secondary schools. At the same time, Welcoming Schools continued to deliver both in-person and virtual trainings, conferences, symposiums and virtual educator series for schools and educators nationwide.

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