Situation analysis: sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of adolescents in Cyprus

Case Studies & Research
30 p.

The purpose of this document is to provide the most up to date scientific information on the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of adolescents in Cyprus, in order to highlight the necessity for mandatory Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) at all levels of school education. SRHR is a general term, which we break down into specific areas so that the most recent data for each area can be given. This document is structured in a way that illuminates relationships between specific outcomes of SRHR and factors that affect those outcomes. This is important because many factors that critically influence SRHR outcomes are not obvious, direct or measurable but must be recognized and addressed; for example, how gender bias influences the use of contraception which in turn influences the outcome of unwanted pregnancies is important to understand. Thus, in this document firstly we look at the outcomes of the current SRHR situation in Cyprus on young people, secondly, we identify factors that are directly related to these outcomes, and thirdly, we identify indirect risk and protective factors. Finally, policies and laws that are related to young people’s SRHR are discussed, including, school education interventions through the Health Education Curriculum (2010).

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