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Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2023

From invisible to indispensable

New research shows why bisexual and pansexual youth need comprehensive sexuality education that meets their needs. Comprehensive sexuality education (often referred to as CSE) is important to prepare young people for safe, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2021

LGBTQI inclusive education study

IGLYO created an online survey that was translated into 15 different languages, with over 17.000 participants (aged between 13 and 24) completing the questionnaire. Complementary to the survey, IGLYO conducted 20 interviews to further explore the topic of inclusive education.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2022

The Inclusion of LGBTQI+ students across education systems: An overview

Students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or somewhere else on the gender/sexuality spectrum (LGBTQI+) are among the diverse student groups in need of extra support and protection in order to succeed in education and reach their full potential.