Going beyond biology: The Relationships and Sex Education that young people want and need

Advocacy Materials
18 p.

In August 2017, 14 young people from around England met to discuss what high quality RSE meant to them, along with Brook Ambassador and sex positive vlogger, Hannah Witton. The group included four young men, one young non-binary person and nine young women, aged 15 – 18. 50% of the group identified as LGBT+. The first part of the workshop began with a discussion of what makes good RSE. This was led by Lucy Emmerson, National Coordinator of the Sex Education Forum. Lucy introduced the young people to the evidence that supports the 12-point Statement of Commitment, which has been endorsed by charities including the NSPCC and Barnardo’s, as well as Brook and FPA. The young people then used this evidence as criteria to review 15 case studies, which experts at Brook and FPA had shortlisted from entries that had been submitted through an online form by practitioners (including teachers, youth workers, external practitioners and students). Following a group discussion, small groups of volunteers used the criteria set out in the Statement of Commitment to rank mark each RSE case study. The top ten case studies are featured within this report. The ‘Young people’s manifesto: What we want and need from our Relationships and Sex Education’ was developed by the workshop attendees using ideas rasied throughout the session. The manifesto complements the Sex Education Forum’s Statement of Commitment and will be used to articulate to schools and decision makers what young people expect and deserve from RSE, using their own words.

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