Making a Significant and Lasting Difference: The National Plan of Action for Orphans, Children Affected by HIV and Other Vulnerable Children in Cambodia, 2008 - 2010

Policies & Strategies
36 p.

This National Plan of Action has been developed with broad input from government, civil society, including NGOs and children, and international development partners. It draws on the recommendations and lessons learned from the Situation and Response Assessment and the mapping of OVC impact mitigation services that were developed in the first half of 2007. Guiding Principles are: - The Convention on the Rights of the Child guides the National Plan of Action; - All efforts should contribute to making a significant and lasting difference to the lives of children; - Gender equity; - Involvement of children; - Child-centred approach; - Vision (A Cambodian society where all children are provided with adequate protection, care and support to develop to their full potential in a supportive environment).

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