National strategic framework on the health and development of adolescents and young people in Nigeria 2007-2011

Policies & Strategies
Federal Ministry of Health
128 p.

The goal of this strategic framework is to facilitate the implementation of the National Adolescent Health Policy that aims to improve the quality of life of young persons in Nigeria. In addition to the other thematic areas (sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, accidents, drug abuse, education, career and employment, and parental responsibilities and social adjustment) already addressed by the previous strategic framework this new strategic framework aims to capture all the domains of adolescent health (including adolescent mental health, spirituality and rights for purpose of completeness) that the national policy focuses on. This strategic framework can be used by all stakeholders to achieve the ultimate goal of the National Adolescent Health Policy which is an improved quality of life for all young people in Nigeria. It serves as a guide for stakeholders to adapt to their contexts and raise resources for all or specific activities and their implementation.

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