Questions and answers: sexual orientation in schools

Learning & Teaching Materials
Public Health Agency of Canada
25 p.

These Questions and Answers are designed to support the implementation of the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. The Guidelines are based on evidence that broadly based sexual health education should reflect the diverse needs and realities of all people in ways that are age-appropriate, evidence-based, scientifically accurate, rights-based, culturally sensitive, respectful and inclusive of sexual orientation and gender diversity. It is the view of the Guidelines that inclusive "sexual health education should be available to all Canadians as an important component of health promotion and services". These answers to frequently asked questions about sexual orientation in Canadian schools are based on evidence-based research. This resource is targeted at helping curriculum and program planners, educators (in and out of school settings), administrators, policy-makers, and health care professionals implement the current Guidelines to ensure that: 1. Sexual health educational programming is inclusive of the pressing health, safety, and educational needs of sexual minority and questioning youth; 2. The experiences of sexual minority youth are included in all facets of broadly-based sexual health education; and 3. Educators, administrators, and school board personnel are provided with a more thorough understanding of the goals and objectives of broadly-based and inclusive sexual health education.

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