Re-integration of pregnant and married adolescent girls into the formal education system: learnings from the operationalization of the re-admission policy

Policies & Strategies
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This learning brief presents some learning opportunities on the factors affecting the re-integration of pregnant girls and teen mothers into school and in their communities, and how the operationalization of the school re-admission policy can be supported at school and community levels. The START4Girls Project brief offers a background to the Zimbabwe's education system, and then outlines the processes undertaken in the learning brief development. It then presents the state of out-of-school children and drop-outs in Zimbabwe, and the policy landscape that supports the re-integration of pregnant and teen mothers, the extent to which the policies are being implemented at school, community level and hinderances towards implementation of the policy. Subsequently, action-oriented policy recommendations are passed as key takeaways for education services providers' and users to consider for adoption in supporting the re-integration of pregnant and married adolescent girls into formal learning and education system.

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